Unearthing Bitcoin

A Sci-Fi postapocalyptic story written in the open.

Unearthing Bitcoin, book by Alexa Aker


Robots, robots everywhere

With her headphones on, ZayanaThe nickname Zayana comes from Itzayana meaning open eyes in Mayan, a metaphor to the discovery of bitcoin could hardly hear the growls and barks of robots and machinery around her. This automatedthe effects of automation on society will be a recurring theme shipping warehouse was like a 24/7 choreographed dance with predictable patterns of sound and movement. It never slept. Its few human workers liked to call it "Arroyo," because its logistics flowed like a branched river throughout the city of Edalimet.

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Zayana's computer screen was like a vintage arcade game displaying glowing robot routes crawling both sidesThe city's design will represent contrasts in society of Edalimet. She stared at those dots so much, that sometimes, when she closed her eyes, she could still see them against the darkness of her eyelids.

As she sat there in a haze, an unusual request flashed across the screen. Delivery 0000000002140 was tagged as "TBD". In all of her years at Arroyo, this was the third time that tag had ever been received, and it meant special care and hand delivery.

As she stared at that screen to verify the details, the power went out. She had a few minutes before she had to shutdown, perhaps the electricity would come back on before then. She looked up from her desk toward an advanced AI computer by her side, called Truth.

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"Truth, where is the power outage located?" Zayana said with concern in her voice.

"Center 3," answered a deep robot-like voice.

"Only here?," asked Zayana in a louder tone. "Truth, how long do we have until the battery backup runs out?"

"21 minutes 25 seconds."

Most of the robots were battery powered, and it would be several hours before they had to recharge, but the main panel was a different story. In a few minutes they'd have missing routes which would lead to backlogs.

Arroyo was built for robots, so it was darker than most places, but as the main lights shut down, it became as dark as the night. The robots eye-like lights had awoken as if their life-like features were ready to pounce. An eerie feeling overcame Zayana as she wondered about this new delivery and its early numbering. They were already in shipment 0035902376803.

"Truth, please print out the details on delivery 2140."

"The printer is disconnected," answered Truth.

Zayana struggled a bit to find the cable, when she plugged it in and looked up, she was no longer alone.

To be continued...


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