Unearthing Bitcoin

A field journal on writing Edalimet, a Sci-Fi postapocalyptic story written in the open.

Edalimet, book by Alexa Aker


Robots, robots everywhere

The growls and barks of robots and machinery felt attune to the beats playing in Zayana'sThe nickname Zayana comes from Itzayana meaning open eyes in Mayan, a metaphor to the discovery of bitcoin headphones. The automatedthe effects of automation on society will be a recurring theme shipping warehouse, which she helped oversee, was like a 24/7 choreographed dance with unpredictable patterns of sound and movement. It never slept. Its few human workers had nicknamed it "Arroyo," because its logistics flowed like a branched river throughout the city of Edalimet.


A name is a heavy symbol.
It carries the weight of identity.

Selecting a name is wanting to encompass the qualities you hope to imbue, like in the beginning of a human being's life, a company, a product, an email, a social media handle, or perhaps a story.

The journey of writing this story, Edalimet, began with the name "Unearthing" Bitcoin, because so much of the knowledge we learn seems like a timeless personal archeological dig, where you slowly remove the layers of dust in order to get to the heart of the information. The more you unearth, the deeper the layers you discover.