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Floating questions

Decentralized card

Floating Questions

When not everything is as decentralized as it seems, how can we tell the difference. Exploring the contrasts of decentralization.


  • What is decentralization and why does it matter?
  • How does decentralization impact human lives?
  • Identity and why it matters.
  • Value and how it is measured

Research & Journal

  • Decentralized projects are not twins, how can we tell them apart and why should we? Why Web3 is not Web5.
    • Possibilities of Web5
    • Issues with Web3
  • The role of bitcoin in decentralization


  • Vast Space
  • Lost Time
  • Is it the rules or the rulers?
  • A decentralized present and the present of decentralization
  • Gazing Ball: Imagine a decentralized future.


  • Comic: Everyone's got an opinion