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Who wears the crown?


Technology isn't always as decentralized as it seems.

Real or fake


You are quite hungry and craving your favorite pizza.

You have been noticing multiple ads from Super Nova Pizza, and their pizzas look so good. You order a large pizza with your favorite toppings, and unlike what you'd expect from a pizza place, they throw in extras.

The pizza arrives super fast. As you open the box, you discover a small doughnut inside, and NO pizza.

Disappointed, you reach out to Super Nova Pizza to let them know they sent you the wrong product by mistake. You include a photo of the doughnut. You are expecting to get the pizza you ordered or a refund.

Super Nova Pizza replies saying it IS the pizza you ordered.

You are in disbelief, as you explain that the fliers, advertisements, even the box the doughnut came in is for pizza. Your ticket says "". What you have gotten is NOT pizza. It's a doughnut!

You receive another reply explaining the Terms and Conditions you accepted say you order at your own risk. They are not responsible nor liable for this situation.

It is almost impossible to believe a Pizza Place would not make Pizza, but similar situations can happen in technology, where the differences between products are not as easy to gaze from surface level information. One of the ways this happens is when it comes to a product or service being decentralized.

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Vast space

Location is NOT the limit.

Lost time

Something that a period of time should not erase.

Missing rules

NOT a swap of the few who wear the crown and decide the rules.

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