Collection 0.


Like the orbits of planets around a star who is king,
not everything is as decentralized as it seems.

Can we strike a sustainable balance through educated choices?

Collection 0. Decentralized
Decentralized card

Vast space

Location is NOT the limit.

Lost time

Something that a period of time should not erase.

Missing rules

NOT a swap of the few who wear the crown and decide the rules.

Don't Trust and Verify

Floating Questions


Decentralized projects are not twins.

How can we tell them apart and why should we?

Vast Space, Lost Time, and Missing Rules

Explorations into the foundations of Web3, NFTs, hundreds of cryptocurrencies...

What makes bitcoin different?

How would freedom of expression benefit from decentralization? What are the challenges?

What else should be decentralized?


A decentralized present and the present of decentralization.

Gazing Ball

Imagine a decentralized future.