We Are All Bitcoin

Why bitcoin? Its mysteries. Its stories.

We Are All Bitcoin

Going down the bitcoin rabbit hole is a mindset changing journey full of mysteries. It can turn our assumptions about financial systems upside down, as we learn of bitcoin's founding principles. Bitcoin can become a tool of empowerment for people across the globe through secure and wise practices based on each person's needs.

Bitcoin should be for anyone, but the journey is often riddled with myths, technical lingo, confusion, and hard to use interfaces.

This journey is hoping to help make bitcoin easier to understand and easier to use through open design, storytelling, and education.


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Inclusive & Accessible

Different formats for different learning and participation styles.


English & Spanish

Art Meets Bitcoin

Visualize & Simplify

We Are All Bitcoin

Bitcoin is often a mystery. Opening it to more people means rethinking bitcoin education.

D Path

Explaining bitcoin through art

Principles | Inner Workings | How To's | Compare & Contrast Financial Systems

Open Design Library


Awareness & Education

Bitcoin Design Community ⤢


Illustrating concepts relevant to the Bitcoin Design Guide

Imagine Bitcoin 2140

Reach & Empower

We Are All Bitcoin

Bitcoin is about real people with real stories. Reimagining ways of improving bitcoin means focusing on empowering people through better customer experience.

D Path

Reimagining the bitcoin customer experience

Empathy | Transparency | Simplicity | Integrity | Awareness

Open Design Library


CX resources

Cultural awareness

Bitcoin Design Community ⤢


Discovering possible solutions to the issues of bitcoin product makers around education and ease of use.

Equality & Equity

Bitcoin for everyone

Designing for those who often have the least access, means opening the door to bitcoin for everyone. It means enriching the bitcoin ecosystem through an awareness of a diversity of cultures and perspectives.

Inclusion & Diversity



People with disabilities

Bridging The Tech Gap

People unfamiliar with technology, who will not need to know the underlying processes of bitcoin

A younger audience familiar with technology but not with bitcoin

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