Mapping Purpose

An all-in-one roadmap, sitemap, and future timeline.


timeline for current and future focus for Deconstructing Technology



Exploring the why behind tools for empowerment

Tools for empowerment


Kindness & Gratefulness Loop

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The creative process unveiled.

A visual, chronological, open journey


Unearthing Bitcoin (Book)

00. Decentralized

01. *Proof of work

02. *Byzantine Generals Problem

03. *Cookies

05. *Freedom

04. *Why four is out of order

Fortunate Days

Not 2 have a voice, but 2 give a voice through social media.

*Fortune 0: Wild Card

*Fortune 1: Focus Pocus

*Fortune 2: Cyberspace Mysteries

*Fortune 3: Freedom Underworld

*Fortune 4: Pizza Puzzle

Fortune 5: D Occult Manual

*Fortune 6: MeaningFULL

*Fortune 7: Invisible Strength

*future work

Realigning purpose through time

Content grows like neural connections, rearranging its structure based on its needs.

//*2022•Jun•10 | connecting content to social media

sitemap with planned connections between content and social media efforts

//*2022•May•30 | content realignment

sitemap with planned changes to reorganize sections of teh website

//2022•Mar•7 | page development

sitemap with planned sections of website
Don't Trust and Verify Bitcoin Rabbits

Thanks for visiting this educational rabbit hole.
"Don't Trust, Verify"

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