Diet change


fortune 15: diet change

Imagine you've grown up with a certain diet. Over the years, you may have questioned some aspects of it, maybe made tweaks here and there based on your preferences, location, budget, convenience, but overall it follows a similar structure, timing, recipes and ingredients.

A friend of yours, you haven't known for long, suggests you make a simple lifestyle change. As with anything new, you are a bit hesitant, but you listen carefully to what your friend has to say, do some research, and begin implementing change. It takes time, but you notice positive change.

A close family member starts developing health issues. You know it had to have been related to their lifestyle, diet, exercise, stress management practices... You get concerned, because you not only share a strong bond, but also similar habits.

If you continue with the same habits as your family member, you will develop similar issues in the future. You have heard of issues like this before, but it hits close to home. You have a conversation with your family member, hoping to spark change and show support, but understanding you cannot make choices for other people.

You start making mindful, conscious decisions over your health, not only taking suggestions from what you see, read, and hear, but adapting them and adding your own flavor. The more changes you make, the deeper you dive into health, food, exercise...

At first, it is easy to feel alone. You get comments from most of your network, who also share similar lifestyles to your family member who's going through health issues, saying your attempsts at lifestyle change are strange and difficult to understand. You have been experimenting with different food options with varying results. You share your best recipes, only to hear that it tastes funny, and it looks weird. Most don't want to try anything else.

Sometimes, you question your choices, but the more you think about them and your long term goals, the more important this change becomes to you and the more you enjoy the journey.

You had hoped it would encourage more people in your network to change, but most don't. The friend who encouraged that first lifestyle change is still on the journey with you, no longer as a teacher, more like part of your team.

You start discovering you are not alone. Other communities outside your own are making healthier choices. As time passes, you start noticing changes not only in your body, but in your self-confidence, and on your personal choices.

You hope one day, some of those in your first network will choose better as they see changes in your own life, but it is always a personal choice.

What if we weren't talking about diet changes, what if instead, we were talking about choices in technology. What if we were talking about bitcoin, lightning, decentralization, freedom of expression, proof of work, privacy, Web5, DIDs...