Hard to imagine

Caveats of privilege


fortune 14 hard to imagine

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Having access to information at the touch of our fingertips is a form of freedom. We feel connected, within reach. However, this freedom is not as resilient or as real as it should be.

Bells are ringing and it's not Christmas. Full inboxes, DMs, mentions, ads, notifications... Our way of life is changing. So much activity and information can distort our sense of time, as if it was no longer moving at the same speed.

Time feels fast and fleeting, requiring immediate action. Piles of content means shorter attention spans, and FOMO can take residence, but only if we allow it.

Technology's ephemeral qualities make it hard to imagine the negative consequences to what we are giving up, what we are allowing others to take from our readers or customers, or that technology could be used against us.

If we don't allow ourselves the opportunity to slow down and be mindful of our choices, we can fall for the marketing of what is easy and popular, rather than the substance with which products are built, or the choices or protections they offer their consumers.

Tomorrow...Diet change