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Deconstructing Bitcoin

A forever free & growing library of educational materials to help you explain bitcoin & other empowering technologies.

When you first discover technology, like bitcoin, you may try to dismiss it, to think it is like everything else out there, or even be scared of using it for lack of information and an abundance of misinformation.

In the bitcoin community, you'll often hear the phrase:

Don't Trust, Verify

It is meant as an encouragement to do your own research, to learn, to practice, to grow. You can choose to step outside of your bubble and dig deeper into how technology works and how it compares to "similar" systems.

You'll often be surprised at what makes it different and why those details matter. You can choose what to bring into your life and how to adapt it into your current circumstances.

In B-Free Free-B, we'll be exploring how technology can be freeing and empowering.

We'll do so through a cultural lens and creating visual resources you can use, released with a CC BY-SA 4.0⤢ license. The focus will be on those aspects that tie meaning to the benefits and issues with technology.