Deconstructing Bitcoin+Tech

Sparks of Imagination

How ideas are born & shaped.


Sparks of Imagination

An idea begins like a miniscule grain of sand in the back of your mind. Slowly taking shape like a subtle emotion, before you mind's eye can begin to associate any image to it. Over the expanse of time, imagination and real world experience give it shape.

One day you can see this idea with clarity. It rushes through your mind like a spark of fire. The Aha moment is born, a first in a series of Aha moments.

We sometimes erroneously think that the first time your idea's placed unto paper or screen, it should be fully shaped. The reality is that is slowly built up and continues to grow over time like a vine adapting to surfaces as it reaches toward the rays of the sun.

The idea of Deconstruct-Do began as Art Meets Bitcoin. Its core remains the same, it hopes to bring open visuals, culture, and storytelling to help bitcoin adoption. Time has allowed this idea to discover new paths to making it more useful within a bitcoiner's life.

In Japanese culture, adding Do at the end of a word, means "the path." Bitcoin is a foundational technology with strong principles, and its ecosystem is growing, adapting, reshaping...

We cannot learn bitcoin and reach the end of its book. Bitcoin is a learning path we all walk upon.

As technology gives us new tools and perspectives: Lightning, Web5, DID's... We must share and explain that knowledge too.

The hope for Deconstruct-Do is that it helps you explain bitcoin, lightning, Web5 & and other empowering technologies as they surface, giving us meaningful sustainable solutions to the challenges we face.

What's in a week?

Slide presentation given to the Bitcoin Design Community's Designathon

Designathon Presentation on Bitcoin Design's YouTube Channel

What's in the line-up:

  • How-2-guides so you can become your own storyteller
  • New visual elements to create your own diagrams
  • Testing and adding to those elements by deconstructing existing diagrams
  • More presentation slide templates
  • In-app education templates with both written and visual elements