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Deconstructing Bitcoin+Tech

Latest Update - 12•Nov•2022

Deconstructing Tech

To those who consciously and meaningfully craft their journey.

A forever free & growing library of educational materials to help you explain bitcoin & other empowering technologies.


Magic Formula Guide 2 Presentations

The magic formula is not about the "right" way of giving a presentation, but about developing your own creative way of expressing meaning.

Magic Formula How 2 Guide 2 Presentations


D Journal


Do, as a suffix in Japanese, is a philosophy of following a path.

We are all on an empowering path of learning bitcoin, lightning, and other technologies with similar principles.

This is a journey to develop visual and written elements you can use to explain bitcoin in workshops, diagrams, presentations, and in-app.

Journal Entry 3

Sparks of Imagination

We cannot learn bitcoin and reach the end of its book. Bitcoin is a learning path we all walk upon.

Sparks of Imagination

Journal Entry 2

Antidote 2 Fear: A WIP

Plan • Progress • Problems

The behind the scenes process of creating an open and free educational library to help you explain bitcoin, lightning, and empowering technologies.

Bitcoin's Heart

Journal Entry 1

Back In Time

Reflections on an open source and open design journey

Back In Time

Antidote 2 Fear

WIP October - December

Participating in the Bitcoin Design Community Designathon & Legends of Lightning Tournament

Bitcoin has been built on a strong principled foundation with positive incentives, yet many of the stories and sometimes the experiences with bitcoin usage are frightening.

In the spirit of the upcoming White Paper birthday and Halloween, this project wants to help dispel fears and celebrate what makes bitcoin magic in three different ways:


Spooky Stories

Spooky Stories

Compare and contrast qualities of bitcoin vs. current financial systems vs. PoS, through Halloween cultural references.

Create: conceptual art & stories


Mind Control Remedy

Spooky Stories

Bitcoin's organic adoption magic rests in how its community encourages open learning and critical thinking. Sharing bitcoin's concepts should not be so scary. How can we simplify the process and make it more friendly?


  • An open library of visuals, written elements, and diagrams, that anyone can customize for presentations, workshops, and diagrams


Dark Spell Removal

Spooky Stories

Error messages may be one of the scariest moments when navigating through an app. How can we help make people feel empowered instead of afraid of what pops on their screen?

Create: A list of error message options written with different tones so product makers may find one that fits their brand's personality.


Join the #designathon-deconstructing channel on the Bitcoin Design Slack

Contribute to the discussion on GitHub


Error message screenshots

Concepts/diagrams you've had a difficult time explaining




Knowledge Foundation:


  • Digital illustration
  • Blender for 3D modeling
  • Stable Diffusion for AI latent text-to-image modeling