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Open Design For Empowerment

Open design can open doors. It can break down barriers of access to information. It can help educate, inspire, and bring awareness to real world solutions to the many problems we face.

I've been illustrating for over 20 years, and as 2020 is about to end, I'm beginning a journey of creating designs for empowerment that anyone can have access to for free.

I hope you'll join me.

Open Source Design For Empowerment

Why Community Is Essential

Open Source projects are built by people who are not bound by a specific location but rather by the significance of a specific project. People from across the globe can connect, most often through the magic of the internet, and form unique communities. These communities are invaluable to each project, giving time, energy, resources, talent and most significantly heart.

Empowerment As Purpose

We'll begin this journey, inspired by what is happening in the Bitcoin Design Community started by Square Crypto. If you're unfamiliar with bitcoin, a global digital currency with a strong principled foundation, I hope that in this trek you'll discover the many reasons why it can empower people across the globe and why it is a sustainable solution to some of the financial issues we face.

My hope is that as I go on this journey of contributing to the Bitcoin Design Community, you'll get a behind the scenes look at the creative process, and discover the materials as they are created.


Equality & Equity

Inclusion & Accessibility

Underserved communities

Every perspective matters. Every voice matters. The world grows stronger when every person has access to the tools and resources needed to lead meaningful lives.

  • Women
  • Minorities
  • People with disabilities
  • People unfamiliar with technology
  • A younger audience familiar with technology but not necessarily with sustainable works like bitcoin

We Are All Bitcoin

Why bitcoin?
Its mysteries. Its stories.

We Are All Bitcoin

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