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Living on bitcoin principles



Week 6 snapshot: book cover

Mapping out the road ahead

Begun: 2021.Dec.12

Latest Update: 2022.May.15

Week 6

Week 6 snapshot: book cover
Week 6 snapshot: 2 Gatekeepers

Week 5

Week 5 snapshot: social media content groups
Day 21-25 snapshot: Donate

Week 4

Week 4 snapshot: Today's fortune social media wheel

Week 3

Week 3 snapshot: Realigning purpose (roadmap and sitemap)

Week 2

Day 10 snapshot: Behind the scenes page for social media
Day 8 snapshot: brainstorming a comic
Day 7 snapshot: Brewing content begins
Day 6 snapshot: principles

Week 1

Day 5 snapshot: Floating questions on decentralization
Day 4 snapshot: Decentralized card
Day 3 snapshot: Decentralized rap
Day 2 snapshot: Decentralized lyrics
Day 1 snapshot: Unearthing Bitcoin book