Tools for empowerment

Exploring the why

bitcoin & freedom of expression

Tools that value freedom and autonomy tend to be based on love. They protect the individual where others want control. They focus on inclusion and accessibility instead of being limited to the hands of the few. They can focus on long-term goals instead of short-term rewards with negative future consequences. They build bridges of understanding while embracing the constructive feedback from differing opinions and perspectives. These tools encourage learning, open-mindedness, creativity and collaboration.

This is a field trip to discover tools for personal empowerment.

Latest Update: 2022.Jun.14



Openness & Integrity


Cultural diversity

Empathy · Equity · Compassion · Inclusion


Freedom & empowerment

Freedom of expression · Financial freedom (bitcoin) · Digital rights (privacy, identity, access...) · Tools


Ethical & critical thinking


Kindness & Gratefulness Loop

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