Tools for empowerment

bitcoin & freedom of expression

Tools for empowerment

Tools for self-expression tend to be based on love. They allow freedom where others control. They focus on inclusion and accessibility instead of being limited to the hands of the few. They can focus on long-term goals instead of short-term rewards with negative future consequences. They build bridges of understanding while embracing the constructive feedback from differing opinions and perspectives. These tools encourage learning, open-mindedness, creativity and collaboration.

This is a field trip to discover tools for personal empowerment.

Latest Update: 2022.Mar.12



Kindness & gratefulness


Cultural diversity

Empathy · Equity · Compassion · Inclusion


Freedom & empowerment

Freedom of expression · Financial freedom (bitcoin) · Digital rights (privacy, identity, access...) · Tools


Ethical & critical thinking

More rabbit holes...


Hello Bitcoin ⤢

Bitcoin Design Community ⤢

Best practices for designing bitcoin products

Bitcoin Icons ⤢

"Icons made for Bitcoin applications, free to use."

Bitcoin UI Kit ⤢

Best practices for designing bitcoin products

Bitcoin Ipsum ⤢

Placeholder text

BTCPay ⤢

Accept bitcoin payments and donations

Bitcoin Dev Kit ⤢

"With BDK, you can seamlessly build cross platform mobile wallets"

Lightning Dev Kit ⤢

"The simplest way to integrate Lightning into your Bitcoin wallet"

Decentralized Social Media

Bluesky Community ⤢

Conversations on decentralized social media

Digital Rights

Human Rights Foundation ⤢

Electronic Frontier Foundation ⤢

Privacy and free speech